She told him that she was leaving.

Where's your car, Ning?

Po is Merril's ex-husband.

Her behavior was a departure from the normal.

It's not like you have anything else to do.

Life can't be stopped, it always goes on.

Prepare five postcard sized pieces of cardboard.

He had more than enough money.

Who the bloody hell do you think YOU are, mate?

Let us go.


Don't do it!


Panzer and Wade went away for the weekend.


Lynne doesn't have a husband.

Let's take the children to the zoo.

That really was a tough break.


I found my watch broken.


Nobody messes with Duke.


I know it was her.

Winston is an alpha male.

That author translated those fairy tales into our language.

I'll try to kill two birds with one stone and get my wife an anniversary present during my business trip to the States.

Let's do that together.

I'll tell him later.

This is my notebook.


You don't seem to be very happy.

If only I'd been a couple of years older, they would've let me into the bar.

Dan didn't mention Linda's money laundering to the police.

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Tony and his mother arrived at the farmhouse and walked through the farmyard.

Francis said that he planned to stick around school all day.

It works for us.

I told Jones I needed some air.

Major looked angry when Olof said that.


He looks as if he could not even harm a fly.


He has just come back.

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In a sense, I can understand his confusion.

He is similar to his father.

"She likes music." "So do I."


I love karaoke, but I'm not much of a singer.

Have you already had breakfast?

I was never good at grammar.

I'm surrounded by enemies.

She's the most beautiful woman.

You made a great contribution.

What're you eating?

I was only thirteen then.

Her debut was the biggest social event of the season.

An amoeba is a protozoan.

I don't know why he's so mad.

I helped him.

The theater company's characterization of Anne Frank was very emotional, but tasteful.

Please deposit the money in a bank.

I don't go there as often as that anymore.

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I must study well.

I knew you liked that action.

Do you want to eat something?

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Thank you for fixing my car, Serdar.

I've got something to say.

We want Les back.


I like L.A. better.


Fresh squeezed orange juice tastes really good.

"Helge gave Paula a box of chocolates and one long-stemmed rose for her birthday." "That's really sweet."

He stole the diamond.


I'm not coming to the pool this afternoon because I have a cold and a cough.

I hate everyone, and everyone hates me.

On the horizon, I see land.

We're better than they are.

I'm wishing for that.

I know just what you need.

I want you to sing a song.

Today is Tuesday, October 1st.

He was a brilliant and emblematic scientist.

It's my book.

The system benefits a small group at the expense of the sacrifice of the rest.

We got to London yesterday.

Rolf talked about killing his father.


One day, the police raided a whole group of prostitutes, and the girl was among them.

Are they all right?

Raj refused my request.

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She is absorbed in knitting.

I really needed Kristian there.

The cat is sleeping on the sofa.

I like both Susan and Betty, but I think Susan is the nicer of the two.

Fletcher and Anatoly are there with John now.


So what did you think of this pony here?

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The war goes on.


It was very neatly written, and except that "friend" was written "freind" and one of the S's was the wrong way round, the spelling was correct all the way through.


The chairs will be here tomorrow.

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She always gets lost.

That's so rad.

Izzy never asked me to do that.

Van never meant to hurt Ssi.

It was a tedious job.

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She was too proud to do anything disgraceful.

I'm real upset about that.

We've been waiting for hours for you to show up.


My brother has just come home from Kobe.


Let me go!


I'm new here.

They keep forgetting to pay the bills.

I have been to the United States.

Michael Phelps is the winningest Olympian ever.

I can tell my best friend anything.

The Internet is serious business.

Robbin doesn't say much.


That's not really necessary anymore.

We've been together a long time.

I don't speak your language.

I have written down his phone number.

Jon used to get bullied at school.

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How do you feel at this moment?

Check out that woman!

Maureen and Dalton played in the sandbox together and made sand castles.

Have you ever been to Hawaii?

Roberta, you're wanted on the phone.

The naughty girl assumed an air of innocence.

I have some things in the hotel safe.

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He grabbed her arm.

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He went from his house up to the railroad station.


Maybe I should write a letter to Deirdre.

She tends to talk too much.

I'm used to getting more sleep.

This just came in for you.

I really am very thirsty.


You just make sure you tell Lucius what I just said.

He called me fat.

Shakespeare is the author of Hamlet.

He wants to kiss me. And I want to kiss him too.

Arlene whispered something in Socorrito's ear.

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The corrupt government officials fled the country.

I'll be staying here for a week.

I didn't understand in the least what he said.


You aren't really afraid of me, are you?

You can't help her anymore.

When I considered beautiful things I found that there was nothing for me to do but to gaze and admire.


Do you have your guitar with you?

Since there were living men until now, there never was another Confucius.

He always avoids talking about his wife's death.

I shouldn't have gone to see Ragnar.

Let Anton show you how it's done.

Napoleon was banished to Elba in 1814.

They are the best players I've seen in my life.

The baby is no bigger than this doll.

She was seen to run up the stairs with tears in her eyes.

Why don't you ever take me out to dinner?

There is nothing as relaxing as lying in a hot bath.

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He made a big hit in that business.

Supplies were no problem.

I dream of seeing him there.

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The city in which they live doesn't have a large Spanish-speaking community.

Hey, you can't say that to me.

What are you getting so upset about?

Stop crying. You have to go.

She asked him for some money.


Your composition is correct, as far as grammar is concerned.

I saw a dog and its tail was cut short.

I'm sure his chemistry teacher would have failed him had they survived the tragic explosion.


I hope this solves all your problems.

Leif asked if there were any other options.

Nyotaimori is where food, like sashimi, is laid out on a naked woman.